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Although the SMR only runs for the public twice a year (during the summer), the FSMR operates the railway for its members and other special runs throughout the year.

One special occasion is the members and family friends Guy Fawkes bonfire run and night time firework display

Two engines were operated during the Saturday.


"John H Gretton" was one of the "lucky" locomotives and the other was the GWR Saint class "Hampton Court" providing motive power for the day.


Another view of the "Saint" coming off the long back straight and about to cross "Colbys Culvert" bridge over a small brook. The section after this bridge is called "Chestnuts" and after winding between the two said trees, the line turns 90 degrees to cross "Jennys bridge", over the river Eye which runs along the length of the back straight.

As an aside, this section of track is regularly flooded when there is heavy rain and special measures have been made to protect the track and ballast from erosion