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Updated 09-04-2009



Below, you will find links to the YOUTUBE website featuring videos of the SMR, if you find any links not included or add a video, please email me so I can update these links



Added July 2007 Nice unknown archive footage of the railways first public running after re-opening in August 1995 including a full circuit of the line. Found on “Youtube”under Stapleford 

You tube footage 1



Added Aug 2007 Very good quality PATHE news colour archive of the SMR trains and boats in the 1960’s. Note the railway terminated at the lakeside in those days being half the lenth of today. Look out for the scale lighthouse on the island!!

 Found on “Youtube” under Stapleford 

You tube footage 2




Added Sept 2007 Drivers view behind the Niagara during the August 2007 event on the back straight

 Found on “Youtube” under Stapleford 

You tube footage 3



Added  2008 Stapleford steam June 2008 part 2 featuring the NYC Niagara. Very good video

 Found on “Youtube” under Stapleford 




August BH 2008 and NKP Berkshire class 751 blasts through box with a full nine car set on the way up from lakeside



Did you know that we now have our own channel on Youtube with lots of videos of Stapleford being added weekly and, other trains and aviation video I have taken since 1990